Comments on the "Rompola Buck"

Is it a "FAKE" or is it "TheReal Deal"?

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It is REAL!

Read all about the official scoring process here!!


Here are the comments I received on this topic! The Newest comments are at the bottom.

Mr. Harrison, I am tired of hearing all the negativity. I don't go to my stand every day during deer season in hopes of a world record buck, although it would be nice. I go to my stand for the love of hunting. I am a dedicated hunter but it has nothing to do with records, money, or popularity. I hunt because I love too and that is what I feel is important. I don't have a lot of money to spend on "Dream Hunts" or a 100,000 acres of woods to hunt. I am just a 20 year old "KID" that grew up in  the heart of Illinois, I hunt any where I can get permission but usually just family owned land. I have finally found something that makes me happy and every year I look forward to one thing and that is Deer season. I am one of those people who eat, sleep, and breath hunting. I wish I could see more about the appreciation of hunting. I see all of this negativity about  possible world records and it is really sad that hunting has come to this. I used to love reading stories of how a hunter bagged a deer. How their heart was racing as the deer stepped out into an opening, as they drew back and felt comfortable with their shot. How they tracked it for 50 or 60 yards and then feeling as it was just around the corner.  Feeling  all the anxiety as I read the hunters story. The hunter looks and  finally spots the deer laying along some brush, and they are so excited. Then I see the picture and it is a 9 year old kid standing proudly by his four pointer or a six pointer. That is what hunting is truly about. It's not about how big the deer is, it is about the feelings you get inside. I love getting caught up in stories that talk about the emotions involved in hunting, the anxiety, fear, and excitement of finally getting to see your kill up close. I appreciate stories like that, not stories about, (Is he lying about his buck or is it really the "NEW WORLD RECORD"). It is a shame that it has become what it is because I am still one of the small time people that appreciate any deer that comes my way regardless if it is a big buck or simply just a doe. I have the same feeling with any deer I shoot and I can honestly say that I am not about breaking records, I am about "HUNTING". When I am in my stand that is my time set aside from the every so fast moving world around me and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Whether I come home with anything or not I am so much more relaxed and carefree after having my time with nature and I appreciate every second I am given to be there. I think we all need to appreciate the time and effort we put into hunting but also remember that hunting is not about size, money or popularity. It is about the chance that we have been given to spend our time on this earth interacting with nature and having opportunities to go hunting and appreciate any animal that comes our way. Hunting is my "PEACE" and it's too bad that more hunters don't write about that are important like I do because I know they all have it in them or they wouldn't be out there hunting. They just get caught up in all the Drama about being the best hunter or the person that killed the most or the biggest bucks. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, that is not what it is about to me. It is about the feelings I have inside as I watch a doe and her two little fawns pass under my stand so playful and "Natural", or as a nice buck slowly approaches eagerly but yet cautiously. The feelings I have inside are what keep me going, not the hopes of becoming some big famous person because I shot a record breaking deer. I don't care if I ever shoot a record breaking buck but it breaks me down a little more each time when I read about the  controversy of a possible record but no one knows if it is a fake or the really thing. It is too bad to think that someone might actually try to get away with something like that or also the fact that someone else has the right to question a hunter that actually put his time and effort in just to be called a lyre. Well opinions are like assholes and everyone has one and this is mine. Whether anyone likes my opinion or not I don't really care but I know there are many others out there that share my opinion and we are the ones that will truly be happy for the time we have been given on this earth to become one with nature.

Danny Belden

Well for starters, if you put the antlers at the angle that everyone says they "should be in" the brow tines would point in, and they would say "look the brow tines point in" therefore it must be a fake. And the head is wet, and he waited too long to go get it, and he isn't co-operating, and he isn't defending himself. Well consider this, Its his prerogative! He can dress up in a red suit and a sleigh and get the stinking deer 24 hours later. He can smear peanut butter and jelly on its head, he can deep-fry the ears and let the dogs chew on them, and he could stick the rack in the trunk of his AMC Pacer and not let anyone see it. Now everyone playing Colombo out there is saying Ha, an AMC Pacer has no trunk. And I say " that's your whole problem" you know everything, you can dissect anything, you have an opinion on everything, and you can in good conscience bash a guys character based on what you see in a picture, and according to this picture you have this guy pegged. Well Perry Mason, Judge Wapner would say you have proved nothing, judgment for the defendant, and you would add Wapner to your list of idiots. If it is proved real, you still wont buy it, and you darn sure wouldn't post an apology to Mitch Rompala. I know your type and everyone out there knows someone like you. Give the guy some space. Its his deer, not yours. If it is fake, then we can all say "dang that was sure a stupid thing to do" But if it is real then you have bashed a guy that shot a deer like you will never see and probably couldn't pull off the shot anyways. There is an explanation for almost anything, but he owes us nothing. We the public don't own one hair off of his buck. That is between him and whatever record book he wants to enter him in. Do I think it fake? I hope not. I have already given you my opinion of your judgmental attitude, normally I like to keep my opinion to myself, but I couldn't stand it any longer. "Mitch" my atlas tells me that Michigan is within the borders of the United States, I would assume that allows you to do whatever you want to do with your buck. I hope you aren't playing a big joke on us, because that sure is a dandy! I for one am patient enough to wait and see, and will not loose much sleep tonight worrying about the future of deerhunting if we have indeed been bamboozled. Oh and please don't think that I have not killed many deer or seen many deer or don't know squat about deer, because that would be VERY silly!
Steve Indiana
I see the person who wrote that E-mail did not provide their name.  Very strong opinion for a person without an identity.   Mitch Rompala has a long history of successful deer hunting, could this person possibly feel it was all luck?  Could they believe for a second that he cheated his way to the state record as well as the world record?  Is it me or does it seam like every time someone shoots a big deer, there is some knob there trying to tarnish the accomplishment?  Just because they cant find a big deer, it must be those that do are cheating.  Tell that cry baby that when we see his accomplishments, it may lend creditability to his claims.  To all this I say, "way to go Mitch!"

This is the dumbest thing that I have ever seen in my entire life of hunting. The rack doesn't even look real and all you people out there that think that it is real you are retards. You must not hunt because if you do and you think that this buck is real it is no wonder why you have never killed a big buck because you have been chasing fake one's like Mitch's. Mitch I hope that you get nailed for trying to forge the new world record so I can laugh at you and all the people that think that your buck is real. It is no wonder why he was thrown out of Pope & Young, trying to pull crap like this. If you feel differently e-mail me at


By one picture, you can't tell if this deer is fake or not,  however, the ears have a considerable droop to them which is indicative of the auricular cartilage being cut from its original place on the head but  ears also droop like that on a fresh kill .   Also, just because the deer has a "wet" head doesn't mean a thing,   maybe the deer ran through a creek and  collapsed head first.  This evidence here gives no indication that the deer is nothing more than a once in a lifetime trophy and  does not mean that the deer has a fabricated rack.  I live in Missouri so I do not know the person that killed the deer but  maybe the fella that sent the e-mail does.  If in fact the deer is a fake I stand corrected on defending the lucky hunter.  My whole point to this message is    "don't accuse this fella of not killing this deer unless you have hard data".  One other point to the person that sent the e-mail,  maybe this hunter was a little more lucky at the harvest and that Mr. e-mail is a little jealous!!!!


To tell you the honest truth I believe the story about the rack being fabricated is a line of bull%#@! from a hunter that is jealous that they can't get such a trophy.   I've heard rumors that this deer was farm raised and basically hand fed.  If this is true then I believe that the score of the rack should be thrown out as far as for the world record because hunting like that is just not right.

J. Owen

Dear Sir;
It bothers me that you would post an article by someone with an ax to grind and with absolutely no proof to back up his theory. No two deer racks are alike and with picture angle, how could one say that the main beams come off of the head at a wrong angle. Anyway, I don't know why I have to defend Mitch Rompola. I think we should all let time tell the story and if it is fake, it will come out. Right now, I think we have a lot of jealously, greed, and personality conflicts coming into this equation. I just wonder if it was someone else other than Mitch if this would still be happening. I think for your credibility to remain high, you should refrain from publishing anymore of these attacks and wait till it is scored by B&C. These personal attacks on him are probably responsible for Mitch keeping the rack hidden. It is my understanding that a local Game Warden saw the whole deer on the day it was shot. I don't believe he noticed anything fishy.

Thank you for your time.
Kelly L. Peterson
Rupert, Idaho

This guy is a moron.  Does he really think that someone would actually do this knowing that he would eventually get caught and experience litigation for fraud?  The friend Craig that this idiot is referring to had his buck thrown out of the Michigan record book while Mitch was the chairman for having previous game law violations .   Craig is very bitter and sees an opportunity for revenge through slander.   Furthermore, Mitch did not get thrown out of Pope and Young.  He resigned because Pope and Young has accepted entries from people with previous game law violations (Craig).  I know Mitch -  this is no fake

Get your facts straight you idiot!

Why in the world would you do that!!! That is bull. That stupid deer doesn't look real. And if he were to fake one he could straiten the rack, it is off centered!! One antler is over hear and the other is over hear. I could of drawn it better!!! He is one those guys who doesn't  have the best buck in the world, even half to fake one.   I bet he didn't even get one he just got jealous and faked one.  Will you e-mail me back @ please I would like to hear more from this article, and fake buck!!!

Eric Fox
To whom it may concern:

I agree that it is a possible fake.  Funny thing is that I never heard of this before I came in contact with your site.  Please keep me posted.
Thank You.

Vincent King
I think everybody should leave the man alone.  Evidently  there are some jealous hunters out there with a wrong personal opinion!    


These are comments of my 11 year old nephew Cody O.:

    I think this monster buck is not fake.It is bigger than are bucks in Pennsylvania.I think the people with negative comments are jealous of this deer. I would like to get a buck like this when I turn twelve next month. Congratulations on getting this monster buck.

    Cody O.

In regards to the Rompola buck I went and viewed about twenty of my field photos and have none where the ears are drooping down to their shoulders. In fact most all of them are up around the main beams. Get your own pictures out and compare also do you think you could crack a smile after that kill. Also when I submitted my Pope and Young Buck it was very explicit that it would not be entered if I had any game law violations and it is. F D Thompson, Rensselaer, In

   I read the whole article on the Rompola buck and couldn't believe he
left the buck lay in the woods while he "went home to get my camcorder".
Who in there right mind would leave that or any other buck lay in the
woods while they went for a camcorder? Sounds a bit funny to me, fake or
Rob Bietz
Ray Adrain
I don't think we can really accuse Rompola of anything for the time
being.  It is odd though that he would not allow the B and C reps to
come and inspect the deer.  Everything will be taken care of in due
time.  I can personally say that I am disappointed (if this does hold up
as the world record) because I am from Saskatchewan(where the current
record is from).  Don't be a jealous jerk and say something that might
reveal your I.Q.  Let the authorities sort things out.

Tim Kroeker
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
I hope that this buck is real so that each of you arrogant people that have
prematurely accused this gentleman of displaying a fraudulent deer will have
to eat your words.  Better yet, I hope that each of you never get the
opportunity to harvest such a large trophy through the rest of your deer
hunting years.  If the deer is a fake, let P&Y announce it before you lash
out at the hunter.  My point,  what would these people be saying if you
killed this deer????????  Ryan Walrath
One of the Best Replies yet!!

I work for a feed company and have the privilege of conducting many deer nutrition seminars across Michigan.  Why I tell you this is because I put a seminar on with Mitch Rompola a year ago in Gladwin MI.  This was a Q.D.M.A. seminar and I talked on nutrition and Mitch talked on going after big bucks. 

I am not a personal friend of Mitch's, nor do I believe he will remember me if asked, but I remember him saying at that seminar that he was after a very large buck that he had seen only a few times that "could break some records."  Again that was two years ago, so this buck that was taken could possibly be that deer he was referring to. 

I know Mitch hasn't done himself any favors in how he has treated the media and such, but he has had some pretty good success through the years and people like to take their shots at successful hunters.  
I have heard people say that his family has a high fence operation and that the deer probably came off their ranch.  I am fortunate to have that opportunity to work with many large high fence deer ranch's across northern Michigan.  If there was a deer that had a 38 inch outside spread in someone's pen I will guarantee that someone would know about it, with a good chance that many would know.

The deer ranching business is a very close knit business and a buck with that type of spread would be worth a lot of money... I don't know to what level compared to endorsements and what not for being the new world record holder but still quite substantial.  The buck "30-30" (first 300 plus scoring buck known to man) was sold numerous times, the last time at $150,000 to a artificial semination ranch down south. 

No matter what one's opinion is about high fence deer, the fact is big bucks are worth big buck, and no one would be stupid enough to take one from a pen (especially a potential world record) and try and push it through as a fair chase kill, especially when he has been under the microscope for his past successes.  
I know odder things have been tried, just look to our President for many examples of doing things in the open and getting away with them, but in this case I think its up and up.  Mitch certainly doesn't have the greatest track record and personality that most would like to see in a potential world record holder, but he is what he is and I'm sure time will tell if its a fake or not.  I hope its the real thing.  
Let me know what you think!
"Best" Regards,
Jeff Best
Hi, I'm not a hunter myself, but my husband is and that is why we came across your website.  I personally don't care if this deer is fake or not, but I found it very interesting reading the other comments written by some of the other hunters.  One in particular made me laugh.  I believe his name was Eric Fox.  He believes it is fake.  Well, I don't know much about deer myself, but I certainly wouldn't lean towards Mr. Fox's opinion as he can't spell himself out of a paper bag.  Just a word of advise for Mr. Fox...give spell check a try before you go flapping your gums about something that hasn't been proven. 

Thank you.  Oh, and by the way congratulations to Mr. Rompola, if in fact,
this is truly the world record.  If you have faked it, you really have
gained nothing, but a lot of humiliation. 

Wendy M.  Canada
From Dallas Texas:

There was a man in Dallas a couple of years ago that used a deer he had purchased to enter some big buck contest in Texas.  He won the contest, but it was ultimately uncovered that the deer was not what he claimed it to be. He was brought up on criminal charges.   Found guilty and was ordered to print an apology in the newspaper and fined.   I think if the Rompola deer is a fake it will be determined in time.  If it is not a fake and was a fair chase kill I congratulate him. 

Barry Ervi

I'm beginning to think its fake too.   It doesn't even look like the antlers are attached to the deer.  I also don't see a arrow entry spot.

Scott Carpenter

It seems Rompola's critics are grabbing at straws; ear angle, wet forehead, etc.. These guys should take a good look at the Hanson and Jordan bucks. Those bucks look pretty unbelievable, too. So many are quick to accuse him of fraud, but anything can happen once. If he'd shot twin 38 inches I'd be a skeptic.  Rompola made it clear that he would not try to submit his buck to Pope & Young because his bow had more than 65% let off, making the buck ineligible for their book. He sounds like an honest man to me. It seems to me that if Rompola is the liar his critics try to make him out to be he would be trying to lie his way to the top of both books. Again, Rompola sounds pretty honest to me.

Kevin Oldenburg
Hemlock, MI
In my opinion the buck is the new world record. Mitch should be very proud of himself for even getting the chance to see this deer in the wild, let alone shooting this monster.  People who criticize him for fabricating this deer are just jealous and have nothing better to do than complain about things.  The Hanson buck was a great buck but that buck was killed with a rifle.   Mitch was able to outsmart this deer and kill it.  I don't know about you but to shoot the new world record with a bow is quite a feat and I respect him for that.   I would be even more proud if I shot the world record with a bow then a gun.   I cant wait for the official scoring of this deer just to make people that criticize him close there foodholes.  Congratulations Mitch!

Jesse D. Pa

at first I felt the guy had himself a real nice deer, but after seeing your site, and all of the comments I'm beginning to think it is fake. what kind of guy would leave a "world record" lay in the woods while he goes to have a cup of coffee and get his camcorder?? a real idiot if you ask me. also, why wouldn't he let B&C officials examine the rack? kind of fishy if you ask me. another thing you notice (I should say don't notice) in the pic is an entry point in the arrow. shouldn't there be one? yes. and how did this guy hunt this same deer for three years supposedly? wouldn't that be hard? seems like it would be to me. but if by some strange mishap, the deer is real, my apologies, and congrats to rompola.

Jesse Inman
This story is very interesting.  I really do not know what to believe.  I am not going to cast judgement just yet, but I will ask some simple questions.  Why would someone who killed a possible "World Record Whitetail Buck" not show the animal off to more than just a handful of people?   Why has Mr. Rompela delayed the scoring of the buck after the 60 day drying period?   When I am accused of something that I know I did not do the first thing I would want to do is to prove my innocence.  Is he trying to milk this story for all the money he can?  Apparently so. That is his option.  I feel that something is not right about this story.  I hope I am wrong!

Blake McCord
I recently read an article in the news paper that said four Boone and crocket scorers measured this deer and they said it was five inches net larger then the recent world record. all can say is congratulation to mr. rompola.

jon lautenschleger

This is, in fact, one of the greatest big buck controversies I have ever run across.  What makes this story so appealing is that this will more than likely set the new world record whitetail if it is indeed real.   As of now there are still a lot of unanswered questions and with good reason.   Many skeptics raise perfectly good questions that could possibly be true.   Although no one has come forth with any hardcore evidence, both sides of the story are very convincing. I have only saw one photo of this projected world record buck and I would venture to say that it is about as much as anyone else has seen. From that photo there is nothing too suspicious that indicates to me that Rompola’s buck is a fraud.   The antlers look perfectly normal to me.  They don’t look off-centered or positioned at a wrong angle like previous skeptics have claimed. I’ve looked at pictures of numerous trophy deer and several of them obtain abnormalities and oddities of their own.  The droopy ears do raise some suspicion, but if you ask me they’re perfectly normal.  I have pictures of deer I shot that carry that same characteristic as Rompola’s buck.

Some of the better questions are:

1. Is the location Rompola claims he shot the buck genetically capable of producing those size antlers?

2. How did this buck survive so long without being spotted by anybody else?

3. Why hasn’t he turned it over to the official B&C scorers and analysts after the sixty-day drying period?

4.  Why are the deer’s ears drooped back?

Although these are good questions, I think they all have answers.  Why Mr. Rompola hasn’t answered any of them yet, disturbs me a bit. However, I feel there is more factual information supporting Rompola then against him.  I feel that this buck is the real thing.  Mr. Rompola, however, will answer a lot of questions by having the rack officially scored by B&C.  I know I would have it scored.
Thank you,

the rompola buck ?   at first hearing of " the new world record " I was in peace river, Alberta Canada hunting whitetails. a well known writer for north American whitetail mag, left camp to get story on the rompola buck. but according to the January issue mr rompola refused to cooperate with magazine. why ?  after reading mr rompola version   of the hunt , I question who would go home eat breakfast, get camcorder, go to girlfriends house than go after buck. who would leave a buck like that lay in the woods in broad daylight. as far as the ears go most deer raised in pens ears droop down, for they lose the edge of survival.instincts.  maybe to qualify for a new world record one should pass a polygraph test!!!!!!                                

jake polaski        p.a.

Like your web site!  I am from Traverse City Michigan (where the new record whitetail was shot!).  In fact, I know of him and he hunts an area almost within the city limits in TC a few hundred yards from my office.   No one is sure if this is where he shot it, but he lives about two blocks from my office.

Ron Plamondon

At first glance, there appears to be something odd about the angle that the bases of the antlers come out from the head. If you've ever taken two sheds from the same deer and separated them while keeping the distance between the burr the same length apart, you get a similar effect. The beams also seem too flat. I have read some on this guy and it is a little odd that he would turn down so many interviews and onlookers. Maybe he just wants the privacy but I guarantee you; if I killed a deer like that, the whole world would know in 48 hours! During the 1997-98 season in the town where I live in Texas, a guy tried the same thing with synthetic antlers. (He made its spread 34" wide.) It would have been a new Texas record. I think this deer in a fake.
Court F.
I congraulate you for taking such a big deer. I wish it was mine. for all of
you that don't belive you are just mad it is not yours.

First off, this is a great site.  I am from Michigan and have been following the story as close as possible.  Sure some of the events have seemed out of the ordinary.  I for one remember having a discussion with members of my camp and saying that if I ever shot a buck of the Jordan Buck class, I would try and lie about the exact location that it was shot.  We all know that hunters will flood an area if they hear of a large buck being spotted or shot.
My other comment is for the people who call Mitch and idiot for leaving the deer in the woods, and going home for breakfast and a camera.  What is the first rule of archery when following up a shot.... Give the animal time to expire before picking up the trail.   Even if you are positive of the shot placement you would be stupid to trail a deer so quick.  Some times the best way to keep from following the deer to quickly is to get out of the wood for a half hour or so.  I know I would be extremely sick if I pushed a deer too early and lost it because I was too excited to wait.
I think it is real.  It is definitely great for the state of Michigan, especially with all of our TB problems and I think the right guy shot him.
Mitch Wagner
This one is long but very good!

First of all let me say that I am an avid bowhunter of 12 years. I have shot one Pope & Young class Whitetail and several that are just short of the Pope & Young minimum, including a couple that do not make the book because of non-typical points. This is in an area where the average score of a deer harvested by a rifle hunter is 100. I put a lot of scouting time into my hunting areas and am very secretive about them and what I see. Early in my bowhunting years I found that if you talk to much you have a lot of company hunting with you. If I were Mitch Rompala I wouldn't tell one of you people where I shot this deer.

I have practiced taxidermy on a part time basis since 1982 so I have seen many different deer and variations of deer horns. So with my experience as a bowhunter and a taxidermist I would like to address some of the points that keep coming up over & over from viewing basically one picture and listening to Mitch's own story.

1) Mitch left the deer to go home & get his camera and have coffee.......or whatever. If you are any kind of a bowhunter you know that you never follow up on a hit deer for at least 30-60 minutes even if you think you heard the animal go down, and with a buck of this size I would wait at least one hour if not more. This is if you know you had a very good hit on the animal. The time can be up to 8 hours if you know (or think) you had a marginal hit. Nothing fishy about this activity as far as I am concerned. Now leaving would be a different story if you have other people that you knew were hunting the area but it appears he was hunting very much alone in this area. I do not take my camcorder with me either (most of the time) so if this had been me, chances are I would have had to go home to get the camera too and while I was there I would have had a cup of coffee....maybe two. Bottom line is......nothing fishy about this activity as far as I am concerned. 2) The ear butts must have been cut to put the fake horns on because the ears droop to much and the right ear has some blood on it. True the ears do droop a fair amount but I have noticed this type of droop in quite a few pictures of Texas whitetails. In fact I have always thought they look goofy. Now lets talk about cutting the ear butts. It is possible to remove a skull plate to replace horns with little or no cutting to the ear butts. I have removed many skull plates this way for my customers who just want their horns mounted on a plaque. I do cut the ear butts a small amount but if I would put any effort into the process at all I could easily do this with no cutting to the butt. Also the small cuts I make do not cause the ears to droop. If you think about it the easiest way to put a set of fabricated horns on a dead deer would be to cut the real horns off at the pedicle (similar to a deer shedding its own horns) then drill holes in the center of the pedicles to put in dowels that would accept the fabricated antlers. This practice is done often on mounted large game such as elk so you can remove one or both antlers to get them in your house or move them. The blood on the ear.....has to mean this deer is fake............Sorry, for those of you who have never caped out a deer head I am here to tell you that on the top of the skull and even when you cut the earbutts (which is what he is accused of doing) there is very little blood and most of the time there is no bleeding in this area. So the question is where did the blood in the right ear come from? If you look closely at the photo enlarged it would appear that the deer bled from the nose. Now it is possible that after the deer went to the ground the horns may have hung up on something causing the nose to be up or the nose could have been laying higher than the ear and blood could have ran down the side of the face and soiled the ear. Sound far fetched? I have had this happen. The head is wet, he must have washed to blood away. From the Photo I could not say that the head is wet. Some of the hair out of place could be from dragging the deer. Maybe he did wash some blood away, look at the photo the deer did bleed from the nose. 3) In the picture the death scene appears to have been staged so the deer is fake. This is one of the most stupid things I have heard. Everyone of my pictures has a staged scene. I want a nice background for my hunting photo with as little blood as possible. My photo may have been taken 10 yards from were the deer laid or 10 miles away at a relatives place that has a nice group of trees for a background. If the deer is fake because Mitch staged the scene then I guess all of my deer are fake also. Some people just don't think. 4) You can't see were an arrow penetrated the deer. This is another good one, go to my website and look at my photo album and tell me if you can see were the arrow penetrated my deer. 5) The burrs don't come off the head at the right angle. I have seen and paid close attention to many different deer and the way there horns grow and come out of there head. They are all different, some more apparent than others. some are laid back, some come out tipped forward more, some are almost level and some tip out. 6) Why won't he let anyone see the horns, or x-ray the horns. The fact is he has. Three certified scores have felt the horns and scored the horns and they all believe they are real. Read their interviews in the June or July issue of Deer Hunting magazine. Here you will also see more pictures of the deer. Why Mitch is not more open with the deer is a question only Mitch can answer, but I can tell you one thing, so far the Whitetail society has done nothing but scrutinize everything about him. Put yourself in his shoes. Maybe the fact that this deer is a potential world record does not mean as much to him as it would to you and I.

I am sure I have not covered all of the issues that have been brought up and I do not intend to. Is this deer a fake? It is possible because just about anything is possible. Is the deer real? It is very possible. Any deer that has the potential to be a new world record even though it has a typical frame is basically a freak of nature and really not typical of our whitetail deer. Look at the Jordan Buck a five point that large? Is that possible?......this will probably never be challenged by another five point. At this time I have no reason to consider the Rompala buck is a fake but I guess we all have to make our own judgements.

Richard Liesener

I feel that Mr. Rompola has acted in a very odd manner concerning his deer. He says that he doesn't want to get it scored by B&C or P&Y because he doesn't like their scoring styles and claims that their scoring is "outdated". If this is true then why hasn't he had it scored by another nationaly recognized organization such as the Sierra Club or Buckmasters? Buckmasters gives full credit for all antler and I am sure that the Rompola buck would take top honors in their records. His actions dictate that he has something to hide. The argument has been made that he, quote "loves the whitetailed deer too much to disrespect them by having them paraded around as show pieces" end quote. If that is so then why did he even announce that he had killed such a deer? Why not just keep it to himself? Being from an overhunted, harsh weather area with poor genetics like Mr. Rompola lives in I also know that bucks of the nature that he claims to have harvested over the last 20 years are very rare. I seriously doubt that he has been able to consistantly harvest a buck of 110+ every year from 1982 to 1988 in the area he claims to have accomplished this in, much less nail a grand buck like the one he now claims to have taken. If he truely did kill that buck and if it truely did come from Grand Traverse County then he has accomplished much more than a world record buck harvest. He will have become only the second hunter to take a B&C buck and the first to take a buck scoring over 175 B&C points from Grand Traverse County EVER! I will certianly take any "official" scores of the Rompola buck with a grain of salt and until my suspisions are proven wrong I will continue to consider Milo Hanson's 213 pt. Saskatchewan buck the true official world record.
Duane A. Williams
I am an ordinary hunter from the great state of Texas so I do not have any of the local perspective of "Mitch Rompola's World Record Buck", but from all of the stories I read, I cannot help but question the "record".  If Mr. Rompola's motives for hunting are purely for his own enjoyment and not for the whole world as he has stated as a reason for not "coming out" in front of the hunting community by having this supposed world record deer scored by Boone & Crockett, then why didn't he just have the antlers mounted & hung in his living room for only him & a few hunting buddies (which I hear he has none ) instead of creating this controversy he has created?  I am very disappointed in Mr. Rompola if he is a real outdoorsman for what he has done to the sport of deer hunting.  If he really has harvested the "World Record Whitetail" as many claim then why doesn't he share it with the rest of the hunting world by having it officially scored by the only organization in the world who can certify a world record?  I would like to have a conversation with Mr. Rompola;  I would ask him the following questions:

1.    If you have had problems in the past with Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett in the past as you (or the writers in your favor) suggest, wouldn't you want to "throw it in their face" that you ( of all people) have taken the new "world record"?

2.    Even if you believe that hunting is for your enjoyment alone, wouldn't you like to share your accomplishment with fellow sportsmen who can only dream of accomplishing what you have claimed to accomplish?

3.    As a true sportsmen wouldn't you like to see the deer you have harvested receive the recognition in spirit that it deserves as being the "Worlds Largest Whitetail"?

I have no personal stake in this drama as I am just an average sportsman, but I would like Mr. Rompola to know that this episode has left a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak, and I would not buy anything with his or his supposed world record's likeness on it.  If I am wrong, I hope Mitch Rompola will show me just how wrong I am by having his deer scored and accordingly recognized by the appropriate organizations.  I would also like to add that Mr. Rompola had also divided the hunting community with this controversy.  At this day and time this is one community that must stick together on all fronts to defend against the offensive tactics that threaten our very existence.

Tom and Suzanne Boatright

I'd like to add my two cents on the Rompola issue.

First of all, I do not think that Mitch Rompola and his possible-record buckis any of our business. I don't reall his asking the press to beat down his door, demanding pictures and comments. I don't recall him asking all of us to demand he measure the buck. Perhaps we should just sit back and take his word for it.
The bottom line is this: why would Mitch Rompola fabricate some wild story about a record deer. Three reasons: 1.) popularity, 2.) money, and 3.) the record.
If Mitch Rompola is truely looking for popularity or the record, why doesn't he enter his fake deer into Boone & Crockett? This is not a stupid man. If he did indeed make up this story, then he would have to understand that what has happened would happen. He would have to understand that a fake buck would not fook the judges. He would have to understand that he would be made out a liar and be humiliated.
Secondly, if he is seeking money, why doesn't he take any? He has a lot of
people offering him money to have the buck scored, he has a lot of people
offering him money for his pictures and story. Why isn't he taking it?

Let's stop, just for a minute, and pretend that Mitch Rompola did really kill this buck. Why is he acting so strange? Maybe it's because he doesn't like people. Friends say he has always been somewhat of a hermit. Maybe it's because he truly does have a distrust in Boone & Crockett and/or Pope & Young. Maybe it's because he is used to killing big deer.
To all those who say that Mitch's refusing to have the buck entered into the record book proves that he is a fake, consider this: This man has killed more than 20 record book bucks in his hunting career. What's one more? So it's the world record, big deal? Maybe he just wants to hunt to be hunting. Maybe he isn't concerned with records and such. And furthermore, the Boone & Crockett panel doesn't meet for two more years...which means he still has plenty of time to have his buck entered.

In the end, I think it all boils down to jealousy. We have a few hunters, or
wanna-be's, who are absolutely jealous that someone could kill a bigger deer than them. It happens every time a big buck is killed. I recall a story from several years ago in which a small boy killed a record book from some mid-western state, which state it was I don't recall. The locals in his town began accusing him of poaching the deer...and this was a KID!

It's a shame that we have to immediately accuse someone of being a cheater or liar or lawbreaker just because they are a little different than us. Most of you naysayers claim that you think the buck is fake because Mitch is acting shadowy. Well, friends, I recall when this story first broke and everyone was accusing the buck of being fake even way back then, before Mitch had a chance to act shadowy.

It's amazing how many excuses we can find as to why the buck must be false. "The antlers are angled wrong", "the head is wet", "the ears are drooping", "the background is fake."  Someone said that they could draw antlers better than that...the antlers are obviously fake. You know, it's amazing how we can look at a single photograph and determine that the antlers are fake while many people who know far more about deerhunting than any of us have seen the deer up close and haven't caught on to that obvious fact that they must be fake.
Lord help us. Mr. Rompola, I congratulate you on a terrific buck and can only hope that I will someday be able to take a deer of equal magnificance.

Ben Garrett

I feel that it is as real as they come!!! Some people are just running off at the mouth, because they never had the chance to score on a monster like this in MICHIGAN!! YES!!! That's where I'm from. I also know Travers city well.
                 HAPPY BOWHUNTING

      "There is always a better day"        
                  Norm :-)) 
It is hard to tell whether the deer is fake or not. Rompola's actions however are a little strange. I live in the fertile farm region of Kentucky and we have some very large deer. I have a copy of a video tape of a huge buck that was seen around our farm. The deer has an approximate spread of 30 inches and is a 10 point with one drop tine. When there is a deer of the Rompola size, more than one person knows about it. Every hunter within 40 miles of us has seen a copy of our video. I have arrowed 2 pope and young bucks, and you can believe several people saw my deer the day they were killed, and a bunch more saw them the next day. Why would he kill a world class deer and not show the thing off. Man, I would drive around with my tail-gate down so everybody could see my deer. And smile when you get your picture taken with your trophy. Time will tell if his kill is legit or not, but for now, Milo is the man.





I have come into contact with many different types of hunters over the
years. I hunt in an area with significant hunting pressure, so I run into
several hunters every season. I have observed very different behavior among
the hunters that I have met. Most are just hunting for meat and shoot at
any deer that moves. Others hunt in big parties and are out to take as many
deer as possible. A few of them are exprerienced hunters that hold out for
the biggest deer. The area I hunt in does hold a numer of Pope and Young
class bucks. It's a farming community and I typically discuss sightings of
big deer with my farming neighbors. However, that is where it ends. Once
hunting season starts, no one wants to invite any neighbors over to hunt and
the talk about where the big bucks are hiding is kept to a minimum. You
see, I think that could be what is going on with Mitch Rompola. When
certain hunters hunt in area where there are big deer, possible record book
deer, many of them get very protective of their hunting grounds. I cannot
blame them. I know I don't want anyone or allow anyone else to hunt on my
family farm because I don't want them telling their hunting buddies about
it, who tell their friends, who tell their friends and on down the line. I
spend weeks out of the year in my own woods scouting, practicing QDM
(quality deer management) with food plots and so forth. I would not
appreciate another hunter coming in and taking deer off my property that I
have worked so hard to make a sanctuary for deer. I would guess, although I
don't know, that Mr. Rompola hunts on his own property or property that he
has exclusive hunting rights to. If I took a trophy deer off of my
property, I would not even want local hunters to know about it. Mr. Rompola
is faced with the same situation, only on a much larger scale. He took a
big deer, possibly a world record. He is not out to have his name and face
plastered all over every major hunting magazine. That's not important to
him. What is important to him is keeping his hunting ground to himself. He
doesn't want a flood of hunters from every state in the country flocking
into his hunting sanctuary next season. I sure would't either, and I can't
blame him at all for being hesitant about taking his deer public. Milo
Hansen took his buck on his own property. So he has the right to deny
hunting access to anyone on his land. But I'll bet you he had a real
increase in trespassers after he took his record deer. And I bet there were
a lot more hunters in the woods on the neighboring properties. Now, I'm not
saying the deer isn't a fake. It could be. I don't know why you would do
that, but I won't deny it. But I also believe it could be real. I have
seen some of the wackiest antlers on deer. One rack on an old deer that had
just heavy main beams that grew straigt up with no points, one rack that
fell off when I shot the deer, one rack that was grown together because it
was wrapped with barbed wire. Racks do funny things and I firmly believe
they could grow out on the flat angle like they do on the Rompola buck. Why
couldn't they? No two racks are alike. Sure the deer may have been fed and
basically raised by Rompola, which isn't really hunting, but that doesn't
make it fake. All I can say is that if I took a world record buck and still
planned on hunting the same place where I took it, there is no way I would
want the country to know where my hunting spot was. And if that meant
keeping the world record buck in secrecy for my whole life - that's what I'd
do. And I have a feeling that myself, Mr. Rompola, and thousands of other
hunters who want to preserve their hunting spots from herds of trespassing
hunters, would do the same thing.
 Travis McEowen
I Just wanna say hell yea that is a real deer...that is as real as they
get..but why did Rompala have to go into some ones deer pen that was is a
sacluded area and shoot their pet buck...I am 20 years old and my family has
been rasing whitetail deer since I was crawling ...we have many bucks and I
seen their rack grow, and they can grow like that ,but not with the help of
genetically produced food...Now comes the question???why didnt anyone report
a missing buck .Simple because he raised this deer deep in the mountains buy
his self with the help of some buddies and now they think they can split the
money if they keep their mouth shut...Joe ...Reading PA


Now read the comments of Mitch himself