New World Record Buck?!?!?!

It was Scored!!

Rompola signed an agreement not to register the buck with B&C. Read the agreement.


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You all have been very interested in this story. I have received many comments back about the above article. Many of you feel this guy has an axe to grind with Mitch Rompola while others feel this buck is a real FAKE. Click here to see some of the comments sent back to me regarding this subject.




Rompola said the Buck scored 218 5/8 points net



I received the following e-mail stating that this was a fake. Read it and tell me what you think.


(Rompola did not shoot the new world record whitetail, it is a fabricated rack. I have seen the original recovery video. The whole deer's head is soaking wet because he had to slick back the hair after cutting the skull plate out so he could slide in the fabricated rack. The rest of the deer is bone dry along with all the leaves and surrounding vegetation. Fishy don't you think? He once was an official measurer for pope & young but he was thrown out and now has to resort to this kind of bull*%#@. My friend Craig in Michigan offered $5000 to his favorite charity if Rompola would have Boone & Crockett come out and examine and x-ray the rack. Rompola refused. Now he is saying that he will have it looked at. Now you see the next panel for Boone & Crockett isn't for 2 years so he can have it scored and it will beat the Hanson buck and he can go around boasting that he shot a record maybe even make a few bucks. But you know when its time for that rack to go in front of the panel it will mysteriously disappear or get burned up in a fire you know the usual story you get from guys like this. I hope you're not buying into the bull*%#@. Look at the angle the beams come out of the head, Yeah right! there is much more to this story you will here it soon)